Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Years and years

How time flies! Years and years have passed in Converge Technologies. Actually, only two years have passed so far. It just seems longers.
On the other hand, oft times it seems that it was just a few days back when this office was under construction with wires and pieces of furniture strewn all around. A blink of an eye and everything was ready and we had shifted into our rooms. All except Kaiser, who had to stand outside his room as his ceiling had fallen down. Ah! The joys of the new days. Those were hectic ones with new and exciting things happening, new colleagues joining, new mistakes being made...
Another blink later and all of two years have elapsed. Wow!
So many new people have joined that I have trouble remembering their names. One guy just walked in a started blabbing about something. I have no idea who he is.
Not to matter. There are also some people here whose names I'd rather not remember. But, again, that's niether here nor there.
What makes a team? People person, team players, leaders and followers. Stuff like that, I'm sure you've heard it all.
We at Converge do have a great team. Well, other than one whom nobody likes much. Yes, you know who I mean. But again, I digress.
I was trying to talk about two years at Converge although I keep meandering off to other topics.
What we did to celebrate the anniversary was to have a cricket match. We booked the stadium at Khudda Market and chose to totally ignore the fact that the stadium was actually meant for hockey.
There were three matches, I think. I'm not sure as everyone was paying more attention to Irfan's commentary than to the match itself. Also, I had gone off to Chutkharay House and may have missed one of the matches. Did I say that? I meant, I was there all the time, cheering the teams. Rah, rah!
I'll ask Khalid to post the pictures from the matches on this blog someplace.
I was planning to write a bit more, but hunger pangs are derailing my thoughts, so more to come. Real soon now.